I’m 35 years old, and im diagnosed with aspergers syndrome with adhd on top. I’ve been playing piano since i was around 5 or 6 years old, on the ear. have my own Andreas Christensen grand piano from 1934 in my apartment, wich is not bigger than 54 square meters.

Been playing guitar for about 15 years now, and i have 4 westerns and 1 spanish guitar, and 1 Gibson Les Paul Studio, so most of my life is filled with music.

I use alot of time on computers to, and my prefered OS is Ubuntu Linux, I have 7 laptops, 6 of them is bought used. Don’t like keeping up the retailers itch(for money), and the resources used up.

So I use a lot of time either with my instruments, or with my laptops and linux. I also have a desktop pc…..yeah also running linux, don’t ever wanna go back to windows again.