Everyday thoughts….no love no worries right?

Using all the energy screaming the top of your lunges, and still feel like a gasket is about to blow. Feeling a big chump of stone is about to burst out your chest leaving the freaking bloody carcass behind in a pool of heartaches, the symbolic pool of blood. And sweat and an empty mind. Or at least that’s what it really feels like isn’t it?

Fuck humans, they don’t understand SHIT until it’s too late. Fuck friends that never sees how the other side of the friendship is doing. Been left outside all my life no actual friends, no girlfriend no love, no fun between the sheets. Fuck the world is how I feel at the moment. Oh yes and fuck parents that never seems to understand their children feelings along the way. Why become a parent then? Why set a life into this world when you’re not ready for bringing it up to learn to keeping alive in this god forsaken world, this…..Robot-humanistic world. Robots that never feel, never think about how they treat other robots because they’ve learned that, that’s how it’s done to keep alive in this world. To bee on top of everyone else, use them as a steppingstone to the next level right? Wrong, it’s about living as a living species here on earth and knowing you’ve done everything right from the very start. Helping everything and everyone live a good life and helping the earth blossom from every level of energy. Use & reuse “things” remember things is not dead, they all have their movements it’s just VERY very slow movements. Even glass moves in your windowframes it just goes very slowly, too slow for the human eye to see. Wood in everything from guitars to your coffee tables moves too. No woman, yes cry. Guess the rastaman got it all wrong huh? You learn a thing or two when never feel the touch of a womans love, the touch of her hand on your cheek, feeling her arms around you feeling her love RIGHT there. All that shit I’ve been missing out on. Fuck humans, fuck the world. No one seem to care….then why should I care about them? fuck’em right?

So here I am……40 years old never had a girlfriend never tried it. Getting desperate yes, why shouldn’t I? Oooh all good comes to those who waits right? Wrong fuckasses…..WRONG


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