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I’ve been thinking a lot about people in the world that don’t know enough about autism, they seem to step back when they hear people telling them that they have a diagnose on the autism spectrum. This is really irritating me, leaves me in frustration and worries about autistic people’s future in this shortsighted (people not looking beyond they’re own little world) world.

How could we make this world accept us as we really are, and just accept us being there. and not trying to cure us like a decease?
Would a broader outspreading knowledge of autism/aspergers syndrome, do the trick?
Or simply learning people that we’ve always been here, and that the fact that trying to cure autism simply degrades the wisdom, technological knowledge in the world. Is this the way to make people with autism spectrum disorders life’s better in this world?

I would really like to see more acceptance for us individuals in the world.
This is just some daily thoughts from me, but your all welcome to comment on this.

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