An experience i had when i was little…

Back when i was in kindergarden, i had this very odd experience when the teachers tested our hearing with this hearing machine, one of those where you push the little stick your holding the hand, when you hear a sound in the headphones. It was then when I had this intense pain from the sound, the pain was so strong that it felt like a big needle being pushed throu my earmembrane.
I dont know if this is normal for music-ears to feel that kind of pain from sounds, but i’ve always had very sensitive hearing.
Some people have even said that i got absolute music-ear. but i know i dont have that, from when i was born to the point where i learned to speak, i wistled music i had heard on the radio or in tv or elsewhere. and i have always hit the tones correctly and very sharp.

So if you people outthere in the world, that got good music-talent, good ears or anything like it, then your very welcome to comment on this.
I’d like to hear from you if you have had that same kind of experience in the early childyears.

Sinsirely miksedk

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