Moments of dispare and confusion.

I need to have space around me, and i need someone by my side to keep me up.

Feel like crashing like a plane straight to the ground. Gotta prepare a hard landing i think……..these downs i could definitly be without. Hate it like i hate being turned down by a woman when i tell about my diagnose.

Hate my life always getting into situations in the family where i get the loose-situation, always being the fool because everyone around dont understand…..

Hate that all the women dont see me as i am, on the inside…always get hurt..always.

Never get the win-situation it always has its way of turning the win-situation into a non-win-situation. So its always me thats being the fool in the end, not being able to have a nice, warm and comfortable evening with my family. Always get put outside…or is it that i always feel im outside because of my way of thinking as a Human being with Asperger Syndrome?

I’m desperate to find a woman who understand me as i am, and accept me as i am.

I hate being, or feeling, like i’m the only person not to get help from the City’s socialhelpcenter, they just leave you in spot where you cant get up from on your own.

I had so many loose-situations, that my selfconfidence is equal to some number around zero.

People need to see what individuals are like, with asperger syndrome, today people think we all are psycho’s in someway, its not fair that the media puts us in a box like that, putting up these news about incidents with people thats psychological impared in some ways.

People need to see us on our strong sides too, but that dont get on the news. Only the bad things show up in the news, in my opinion an many others NT”s, people are afraid of things,people and the way that they behave, when they dont know what the person contains.

To all english speaking Humans/persons i’d like to get some feedback if you think im not expressing myself in the english way of thinking, cause im from Denmark Scandinavia, thou i always get told that i’m expressing myself very good in english.

So please bare with me if im not speaking your words correctly grammaticly.

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