No sleep again…

Just as i thought i had turned my eyes to the dayhours i cant sleep again, feeling frustrated and irritated at my self for turning day into night.
Not very funny to be so tired and not be able to sleep. as im writing this im watching Lord of the rings – The two towers, an yesterday i watched the first LOTR, around the same time.
Thinking about putting on the last one after the two towers, well what can i say. just love Adventuremovies.
Something that i’ve learned is, that you dont lie in bed if you dont fall asleep after aprox. 1-1½ hours, because one should not compare being in bed with sleeping troubles. also a short warm bath should work sometimes, bot not always it works here.
Well if i cant sleep, i could just as well write on my blog about it, and some tips on how to work with it. if some of you have that same problems now and then.

Have a great day/night all of you wherever you are out there.

Hope to get some sleep soon.


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